Should I feel bad about sharing these kinds of things?

November 7, 2011

I explained Spoonflower to Nick and Hannah tonight.

I feel a little bad about this.  Nick especially did not need to know that he could design and print his own fabrics.  He needs to be working on his portfolio for grad school.  This is information that could distract him from the work he needs to do… you know that whole application deadline thing.

But if you want super cool / really original fabrics, where are you going to go but Spoonflower where people create and post their own designs and you can buy the fabrics special order?

I mean where else are you going to find barbed wire pear fabric?

Barbed Wire Pear

And Hannah thinks this is just adorable!
Coffee and a Donut

We were looking at fabrics because Hannah needs an apron for her growing doughnut concern.

You should have seen her face when it hit her that I sew.  It could have been bad but it turns out that not only do I have a pattern for what she wants but I’ve made it before and it’s really not that difficult.  In fact it was the first thing I made from a pattern and I think I could do a much better job now that I’ve made a few more things.

So on the one hand … hooray for introducing people to a really cool website.  And boo for introducing my friends to a really cool website that is going to become a huge time sink for them.

I’m a bad, bad person.



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