Why was it so hard to find side combs?

November 8, 2011

Since I’ve got the short hair now, I want to wear hair combs.  Just to lift some hair off the sides and hold it in place all day long.

I didn’t think for a moment that it would be difficult to find bloody hair combs.  But I went to a bunch of Walgreens and CVS pharmacies and Target and Sephora and so on and so on.

No on had hair combs.  Why oh WHY did no one have hair combs?

And then, as if by magic, I wandered into the Walgreens across from my work and there they were.And now I have them and I wore them and I love them.  But I now realize that I’ve never seen anyone wearing side combs.  So I’m sporting a new look that is really old.

Go me.



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