So that’s why there’s only one door handle

November 9, 2011

Today they locked down my office building.  It’s my first lock down in Sproul.  I knew about them but I had never dealt with one before.

And because of the lock down, I learned about something that I have seen every day for the last four months but never understood.  Why all the sets of doors only have one handle.

Turns out that at some point there was an occupation of the building and people changed and locked the doors together.

So they removed one door handle so that it couldn’t happen again.

Which in a way makes sense… but is also rather ugly and unsettling if you don’t know why there is only one handle where there used to be two.

But now I know.  And I wonder if I will notice it more or less now that I know.

I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.



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