Notes from Tuesday

November 15, 2011

So many things to touch on…. nothing to pick as a single post idea.

#1 – Let’s just get it out-of-the-way – first shooting on the UC Berkeley campus in 20 years.  How freaky is that?  I don’t know what happened, I wasn’t there.

#2 – Thank GOODNESS for sewing class and how it teaches me all kinds of important things and keeps me off campus when crazy stuff is going down.

#3 – I can NOT believe it but I truly believe in basting, by hand or machine, because it’s so handy to test a garment and then make changes instead of sewing and picking out the seams.

#4 – Frances doesn’t have a machine basting stitch.  I’m saddened by this even though I was only told of the possibility today.

#5 – Just because I’ve got a theme for the X-mas cd doesn’t mean that I know what to put on it.

#6 – I really love going to the library and getting books.  I blame my parents for this.  Thanks guys!

#7 – Helicopters circling overhead are annoying.  I get that there is a story.  I’ve looked for the story, I’ve read the story… I do not need hour upon hour of circling helicopter.  You’re wasting fuel and annoying the neighbors.  Are you really getting anything worthwhile for all this trouble?  Seriously – what are you going to see at 9:47pm?

#8 – When something news worthy happens in your town and it might freak out your parental units… Call them before they read it or see it on the news.  It just makes life easier.  Better to be proactive than reactive and all that.

#9 – My to-do list is never going to be done.  Does that mean that I’m going to live forever?

#10 – The post office has marked a package sent to me by Amazon as having the wrong address… which is fascinating since it’s automatically created by Amazon with the same address that they have safely sent tons of packages to… so how is it suddenly wrong?  And why is there only one person who can answer my question at the Post Office.  No one wonders why there are trust issues with the post office, right?  I’m not saying it’s okay to be mean to them and that you don’t get more help with honey than with vinegar, but come on… Please tell me you didn’t send my package back for no good reason.

That’s all for now.



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