I am responsible for my own education

November 16, 2011

I went to the L&S Colloquium on The Virtual University.  It was very interesting.  And I’m not against a virtual university or with allowing more and more eligible students to reap the rewards of a UC level education.

Online courses with UC quality.  Not that anyone can actually define UC Quality.

It’s a worthy experiment.  It will be interesting watching it all unfold.

But there was one concept that kept getting harped on by the panel members – starting with the Dean of the Boalt School of Law, Christopher Edley, Jr.    That the liberal arts education provided by a small, private school back East is better than what UC Berkeley can offer.

I, respectfully, object.  My education at Cal was excellent.  But it was excellent because I was responsible for it.  Not some professor, not my advisor, not my parents.  It was my responsibility to actively engage in my education.

That will most likely be the making or breaking of online education.  If you actively participate and put all your effort into it then you will get an amazing education.  If you abdicate responsibility for tests and readings and discussions etc then you won’t get a great education anywhere.

Everyone’s experience is different.  Because it really does come down to the individual.

At least that’s what I think.



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