Don’t fear the silk

November 21, 2011

I sewed with silk for the first time today.  It scared me something FIERCE.

I’ve never worked with such a fine, slippery fabric before.  And I knew that it causes problems for the best of sewers and I am not the best of sewers.  Most of the time I stick to nice heavy fabrics and lovely, forgiving fleece.

But Terry is very clear about what she wants for our couture pencil skirts.  And that includes a silk lining.  Not poly but real silk.

This is going to be the greatest skirt I will ever own.  It is coming together so beautifully.

I just spent about a week freaking out about the lining because… like I said… SILK!

Patti was laughing at me in that quiet way she has when I confessed my fears to her.  She’s sewn with silk.  She keeps telling me that she can get me in touch with the places she got it in bulk.  Fine fabrics and Patti go hand in hand.

But she did tell me rather seriously that I had to change to a new, sharp needle.

So I did.

And you know what?  It went well.  It took a while to make sure everything stayed together and feed correctly but once I got started… it was good.

I’m not so scared of silk anymore.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to start sewing with nothing but silk but if it comes up… I’m ready.



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