The problem with artisanal shops

November 22, 2011

I love the panchetta at The Local Butcher Shop.  It’s the best I can get my hands on and I really like using it as a topping for various things.  So I wanted to get some for the mixed salad I am taking to Thanksgiving at Hannah’s.

I went to the shop today and they were out.

That’s what happens when you are making small batch items for sale.  There is no guarantee that those items will always be available.

But that’s sort of the double edge sword in these special market items.  We are all so conditioned to want what we want when we want it that when I was told they were out of panchetta my first thought was not “what else can I use?” but “where else can I go?”

It’s different with wine and or cheese shops because if they are out of one thing I can ask for something that is like it and get on with my day.  But that’s not really an option with specialty preserved meats.

If I go elsewhere, there is the chance I won’t come back.  Or if I do come back and you don’t have what I want again… why would I continue to show up?

Should I call ahead?

Should I just let it go?

It’s the intensely slippery slope of retail.

I would also like it to be known that I am well aware that I’m massively spoiled and there are 5 other places within walking distance that I can get good panchetta.  Just not the one that I really wanted.

Oh well… I will get past it.



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