things to do with fleece

November 26, 2011

I find it a little funny that I’m trying to replace the plastic storage containers in my kitchen for glass (My Ace Hardware carries not just Ball but also Le Parfait and Quattro Stagioni.)

and at the same time I’m coming up with more and more things to make from polar fleece… a material that is sometimes made from plastics.

Maybe Charles Webb, Calder Willingham and Buck Henry were right… the future really is plastics.

Although I get more and more freaked out about them touching my food.  Which is kind of insane given some of the garbage I eat.  (I really should not have had that greasy fried rice tonight.)

But this afternoon I found a free polar fleece boot sock pattern.

I’ve got some odds and ends of fleece from when I was making random shrugs that just sit around.  And now I’m going to cut them up and make SOCKS!

Because it’s winter and my feet are cold.

Plastic… it’s become the fabric of everyday life!



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