The thing about short hair

November 29, 2011

I will admit that I love having short hair.  And I never thought I would say that.  Ever.

But there is something about short hair that is a bit unnerving.

Every single week my hair does new and strange things.

Last week is was in a weird, poofy stage.  This week it has started to do a very 1970’s flip thing.

My part seems to be migrating every single day with exponential jumps from time to time.

Long hair is consistent.  Short hair is not.  Short hair is fluid and flexible and in my case, possibly alien.

That’s my latest theory.  That my hair is an alien creature.  I’m hoping that it will use it’s powers for good and not evil.

But there is always the chance that it will kill me in my sleep.

I’m scared of the moment that I decide the right decision is to start loading up with product.

Adding chemicals to an alien creature?  That could lead to mutations.  That’s can be good.

Two more months before my next haircut.  I can tell that things are going to get more and more interesting.  The question is, will I survive it?



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