Thanks but I want to continue to enjoy baking

December 3, 2011

I was asked again why I don’t chuck it all in and open a bakery.

I know people mean well when they say this but it just makes me cringe.  I actually know what it takes to make a business like that succeed.  And for most people it sucks ALL of the joy out of the experience that they once loved.

Yes I enjoy cooking and baking.  I find it to be relaxing.  And if something doesn’t turn out … well that’s fine to.  And if I decide I don’t want to make something.  Well then I don’t.

There is a HUGE difference between waking up and making some blueberry muffins for the breakfast party at work and knowing that you must wake up early every morning to make blueberry muffins and you must sell however many of them to break even.

It takes money and drive and perseverance and a whole lot of crazy to make a food related business work.  I don’t want to bother.  I’m far to lazy and I actually like having a boss.  I like being an individual contributor.  I don’t want the responsibility.  I like leaving work at work and going home and doing whatever I want.

So what if that is mostly making food of some kind.

It’s my choice.

I never want it to stop being my choice.

I’m good with that.  Why can’t other people accept that I would not be happier giving up the freedom I have now.

Oh that’s right.  The people who say these things have never known anyone in the food business.

It’s alright, I stopped listening a long time ago.



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