May I have my sidewalk back now?

December 5, 2011

There was a horrid fire on Telegraph on Friday, November 18th.  And ever since then two blocks of sidewalks on Telegraph have been closed and traffic has been re-routed.

It’s totally understandable.  They had to demolish the building.  It was GONE.  Along with a favorite cafe and my college bar.  It sucks on a rather epic level.

That being said…  I would really love to have my sidewalks back.  I’m sure the businesses would like that too.

All that mess is cleared away now.  I walked up to get a look on my way home tonight.  The debris is mostly gone.  Along with almost the entire building.  I’m not sure there is really anything to save.

I’m really hoping someone will rebuild.  I think it’s worth rebuilding.  It’s zoned well.  Apartments and restaurant space.  It could be fantastic.

Maybe not exactly the same but fantastic none the less.

Or it could be an empty lot for a few decades like the lot across the street.

Welcome to Berkeley.  We don’t know what we want but while we figure it out… here’s an empty lot.

How depressing.

Can I have my sidewalk back at least?



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