Moments, not in the woods

December 8, 2011

First we need to start with three quotes I heard over the course of the day.

“Dude, how can you believe in Jesus and not believe in the Devil?”

“There’s a difference between enjoying something and appreciating it.”

“People like to make bad decisions.”

Kind of awesome right?  You hear the best things at the most random times and places.

And now on with the post.

Megan took me to see the most wonderful show at the Berkeley Rep tonight.  The Wild Bride.  It was fantastic!

The Wild Bride at the Berkeley Rep

I loved the sound-scape and the lighting design.  The sets and the way the actors moved and played within the sets was so engaging.  The fact that the actors played instruments on stage just lent to the feel of the event.  And the story was so charming.  The actors were so joyous to watch.

What a great way to spend an evening.

As an added bonus Megan and I tried the specialty cocktails of the show before the curtain went up.

The Bride

This zesty gal gets wild with spiced pear vodka, vanilla liqueur and sweet & sour—then tops it off with a splash of champagne. Cheers!

The Groom

Live happily ever after with this charmer created from pear liqueur and sweet & sour—plus a healthy shot of vodka.

We now pronounce you delicious!


So get thee to the Berkeley Rep and see The Wild Bride while you can.  And have a cocktail while you’re there.



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