There’s a word for that and it’s probably German

December 9, 2011

The German’s have some fantastic words.  The best known is probably Schadenfreude.  Literally translated it means “Adversity Joy”.  It’s used to express the pleasure you feel about the misfortune of others.

Another word that I like is Zeitgeist.  Literally “Time Spirit” – meaning the general climate of a given space and time.

Today I learned a fantastic one that just going to stay with me for the holiday season.

Kummerspeck.  “Grief Bacon” – meaning the weight you put on from emotional overeating.  GENIUS I tell you!

All of these words are considered to be “Untranslatables” and if you get a chance you should read about them.

Personally I own this book and think it’s fantastic.

Sometimes you just need a word that covers a whole idea.  And it does not need to be from your native language.

Just saying.



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