Sooner or later everyone loses out to a chihuahua

December 10, 2011

subtitled: sometimes it’s not the thing but the story that’s important

It was auction day today and yet again I only wanted one item at the very end of the day.  So I stuck around and waited not to0 patiently.

When the time came it was just like before and I got massively out bid.  The item still went for less than its retail price out in the real world but it was much more than I was willing to spend in that moment.

What was it?

“Cow hide having a printed Amazonian Jaguar pattern”

It looked something like this…

I was going to cut it up and make things out of it.  A headband, a collar, a few bags.

Just have fun with it.  But I wasn’t ready to shell out $200 after buyers premium and taxes etc even if that’s a great price.

That being said… I still really wanted it.  So when I saw the woman who won it I asked her what she was going to do with it.

At first she said that she was going to put it in her guest room.  Then she admitted it.  She bought it for her dog.  A chihuahua named Pearla.

I couldn’t help it.  I giggled.  I think that’s fabulous and I really don’t mind loosing out to a chihuahua named Pearl.

She probably really needs the hide.  She’s probably bored and all the smells from the various people touching it today will drive her nuts and she’ll be excited for weeks.  How can you deny something so silly and fun?

So I didn’t get the hide.  But I got a great story that makes people laugh.

And right now I think that’s actually better.

Don’t you think?



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