I’m pretty sure I didn’t need purple and pink legos to enjoy playing with them

December 15, 2011

So there’s a news story popping up everywhere about how Legos has started marketing to girls.  When I saw the pictures all I could think was … I played with Legos.  I loved them.  I had a blast.  I didn’t need pink or purple bricks.

Which makes me think that this isn’t about boys and girls and what they want.  It’s about what their parents and others are comfortable buying for them.

Last I checked primary colors weren’t gender specific.

My mom was kind of a genius about all the little fiddly bits.  She would spread out a big white bed sheet and dump all the pieces out so my brother and I could build to our hearts content.

If parents and the media and everyone else didn’t make such a big deal about what was for girls and what was for boys then we wouldn’t have all these issues.

It’s the “grown-ups” that create these issues.  It’s the people with the ready cash to whom they are marketing.

And let’s face it… we have all bought toys that we wanted and said we were getting them for the kids in our lives.

So here’s an idea… buy what you like for yourself and stop forcing your insecurities and outmoded thought patterns on other people (old or young).



2 Responses to “I’m pretty sure I didn’t need purple and pink legos to enjoy playing with them”

  1. Just_For_The_Lulz Says:

    Christopher Hitchens was erudite– you, young lady, are merely pretentious.

    • eruditeslacker Says:

      I’m pretty sure you are not the only person to think I’m pretentious. Personally I think it’s up to interpretation but of course I think that.

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