Different ways to learn about wine

December 16, 2011

Yesterday was Thursday.  I know… it’s a shock, right?  Since it was Thursday I went to Vintage Berkeley for the 5 for $5 tasting.

While I was there chatting with Nick and Matt, a woman came in.  Turns out she was a wine producer (part of a team) dropping off wine.  She came back to talk to Nick and I saw the invoice she was carrying.

It had Folk Machine on it.  I drink Folk Machine.  I love the labels and could drink Three Ceremonies every single day.

Lynn knew I was a real fan because most people don’t actually call it Three Ceremonies.  I don’t know what they call it but they don’t use its real name.

Since she was there, she did the tasting too.  And she talked about the wine map that looks like a metro system map.  And how you can taste wines by region moving from the coast inland learning more and more as you travel.

I don’t know if I’ve ever tried to do that.

Mostly I learn from people who have specific knowledge.  Like Rachel and the wines of Hungary.  Now that’s some fascinating information.

Or I’ve been to events that focus on specific varietals or specific regions.

But now I can’t stop thinking about the metro map and working my way through one of the lines.

Is that how you learn more about the history and quality of wine?  Or is it just one more possible way to get more exposure to more information?

It’s a great idea.  Maybe one day I’ll disappear for a few months and see what happens.



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