a cup of coffee

December 17, 2011

How many ounces do you think are in a cup of coffee?  I’m asking because my world view has been shifted recently.

I thought a standard cup would be the same as the measurement for a cup of cooking liquid.  8 ounces.

But I was looking at my french presses and that’s not the measurement they use.  I have a 3 cup french press that makes 12 ounces and an 8 cup french press that makes 34 ounces…. and those numbers seem very odd to me.

I know I drink more coffee than I should but if cups of coffee are measured in approximately 4 ounce increments then I’m really in trouble.

Has this occurred to anyone else or is it just me?


3 Responses to “a cup of coffee”

  1. jzgplj Says:

    My understanding is that a standard cup for coffee was 6 ounces…

  2. clara Says:

    According to my ancient Joy of Cooking, a cup of coffee is 6 ounces. Which is perhaps what a standard tea cup holds?

  3. eruditeslacker Says:

    So what I’m hearing both of you say is that my french presses are a little off in the measurements department and that I drink WAY too much coffee. Good to know.

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