Let’s remake THIS!

December 20, 2011

I’m reading a wonderful book, The Unexpected Mrs Pollifax by Dorothy Gilman (first published in 1966).  It’s a truly delightful book about a widow whose children have married and she feels she has nothing left to offer… so she goes to the CIA to become a spy.

So far it’s been made into a movie with Rosalind Russell

and a TV movie with Angela Lansbury.

I love the idea of this story.  Especially if isn’t played for laughs.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous if instead of playing it for camp or any kind of humor it was made with a certain level of grit.  The power of an older woman who had a full life, done what she and everyone else thought she should do and now is ready to give her life for her country.

It’s been 12, almost 13 years since the last one was made.  I say let’s update….  Meryl Streep would have a field day with this part.  If we let her direct, maybe Barbra Streisand would be interested.  Candice Bergen would be fun to watch.

It’s just an idea.

I’ll go back to my book now.



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