Getting rid of cookbooks, why yes… yes I will take them.

December 23, 2011

I am certifiably insane for a NUMBER of reasons.  But there’s nothing quite so obvious, spectacular and well-known as my addiction to cookbooks.

The stranger and less likely to be used the better.  It’s an emotional, almost knee jerk response to stems from childhood and the cooking school my mother ran.

The last of the cookbooks that Clara found before selling the old house… why yes, I MUST have Joan Oster’s Spin Cookery Salad Dressing mixes.

How could I consider my life complete with out a copy of  A Fifteenth Century Cookry Boke?

Then Dad and Nette re-did their kitchen.  They got rid of the shelf that held their cookbooks so the whole box come home with me.  And of course I think they are AWESOME!

I don’t even use cookbooks.  I print recipes from the internet.  And I do not have the space for all of these new delightful collections of cooking knowledge.

But I can’t say no.  And I can’t get rid of them.

They are lovely and perfect and I adore them.

I am so totally broken.

Oh well… it’s who I am.



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