Nothing has exploded yet

December 30, 2011

I am very grateful to say that nothing has exploded yet.  But I have learned some interesting things.

One – Champagne yeast fizzes up very slowly so it’s not like bread that doubles up in a few hours.  This is good because it means no explosions… yet.

Two – It’s yeast, so there is a bread-y taste to the root beer.  That’s just how these things are.  Apparently there is some kind of liquid yeast that has a cleaner taste but I’d have to track that down.

Three – There is a great deal to be said for small batches while you are finding your feet.  If things go south you really don’t want to have to dump a whole lot and it’s not like there’s all that much work involved… although sterilizing things takes a very long time.

Four – Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer…. that’s what is on tap next.

Five – If I scale down to smaller batches then I’m going to need a smaller bucket for mixing.

That’s the report from the home soda shop.



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