of policemen and crosswalks

March 20, 2012

I preface this saying that I actually give preference to cars when I am a pedestrian at cross walks.  And for the most part I totally obey cross walk signals even when no one is around.  Although that’s mostly because I am in no rush to get anywhere.

So given this information, I am not exactly the person that a UCPD officer should turn to at around 8am and ask about giving out tickets to J-walkers across Bancroft Avenue in front of UC Berkeley.

He asked me if he should start giving out tickets and instead of saying NO which is the logical response I went a step further and said that if he’s going to do it then he needs to make sure that it’s consistent.  Which means constant surveillance and monitored at more than just that cross walk.  Because if you only give out tickets at that cross walk and only some of the time then it’s not really enforcement.  It’s you being a jerk.

And that’s not what the police are supposed to be about.  They have to know that, right?  That their actions become interpreted signals of their greater belief system and morality.

So no, don’t just give out tickets because someone breaks a rule that you have never enforced.  If you want to enforce a rule that’s fine but you need to be consistent.

It’s like parenting.


Or maybe I’ve got this all wrong.

Could go either way, really.



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