Movie Class 101 – week 001 – Hitchcock

April 26, 2012

Week One: Hitchcock, Alfred – Director and Producer

Some see Hitchcock as a genius.  His vision is very strong, he likes his themes and he works with them very well.  I fall into this camp.

There are others who see his work as repetitive and derivative.

One of the most difficult things to do when watching older films for the first time is to release some of the biases that you bring from modern cinema.  Works may feel familiar because they have been worked and reworked to death over the years but you must remember that some of these movies are the first time these themes and plots were ever shown.

Everything had to start somewhere.  So while watching these movies try to do so with fresh eyes.  Don’t judge anything based on a feeling that it’s dated or the cinematography isn’t what you see in the movie theater today.

Just watch it.  See it for the first time.

And without further ado… this week’s film list.

1. Rebecca
2. Rear Window
3. Stage Fright

Bonus films
4. The Lady Vanishes
5. The 39 Steps
6. The Birds
7. To Catch A Thief

Discussion Questions –

1 – What about each of these films make them “Hitchcock” films?
2 – What changes, if any, would you make to these films for them to play well to a modern audience?
3 – Would you watch more Hitchcock films?  Why or why not?


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