Movie Class 101 – Week 007 – I Know This Story

June 9, 2012

Week Seven: I Know This Story

Ever wonder why there are so many versions of Cinderella?  Why this summer saw back to back Snow White movies?

Well it all comes down to copyright.  These stories along with the Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland entered the public domain and became fair game.  You can make a movie out of the story and not have to worry about who has the rights.  (NB – the books are no covered by copyright but the movies you think of when you hear those titles are so you have to be careful.)  These laws have been changed to the point that nothing seems to go out of copyright any more but the old stories are still up for grabs.  But when you have a ton of versions of the same story you get a bit tired.

Brace yourself for the next interpretation … next up is Sam Raimi’s Oz: the Great and Powerful due out in 2013

In the mean time let’s spend a little time with some fun and different movies based on old stories.

This week’s film list – pick any 3 of the following:

1. Company of Wolves (1984)
2. Freeway (1996)
3. Cinderfella (1960)
4. Alice (2009) Syfy mini-series
5. Return to Oz (1985)

Discussion questions:

1 – Do you like reinterpretations of “classics” or do you wish someone would come up with a new story idea?
2 – Do you have a favorite fairytale or classic children’s story that you wish would be made into a film now?
3 – What demographic factors do you think come into play when using fairy tales as the basis for a movie?


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