fleece socks!

March 4, 2012

Since I now know how to use my magnificent serger…

Today I decided to go ahead and make some fleece socks.  The last batch ended in failure but I had a new pattern that I had faith in…

So with scraps from other fleece projects I made these…

I like them both.  The top ones have a flat lock seam and the bottom ones I did a rolled hem on the outside of the sock.

Too bad it’s basically summer here in the Bay.  Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get to use them at some point and honestly I really like how they turned out.



yarn is hypnotic

February 27, 2012

I suddenly understand my mother’s knitting hobby / obsession so much better now.

Personally I think knitting takes far too much attention to detail and I do that enough on my own thanks.  Don’t need any extra help.

But crochet… crochet I like.

I finished the cowl I started a few weeks ago.

Double crochet in the round.

For a few weeks it was all I knew how to do.  Well that and chain stitch but then … chain stitch is ridiculously easy.

But now I’ve figured out single crochet in rows.

And now I can figure out what to make with my stash of yarn…

Oh and I need to make sure I don’t really over do the stash.  I made a nice faux fur fabric box for it and it needs to stay corralled in there.

Next up granny square class @ A Verb for Keeping Warm.

I’m going to make blankets.  It’s going to be epic.

Let’s hope I don’t get so into it that I forget to go to work.  I need to earn money to take more classes to make cute little crochet arugami.

Off to crochet.


Fabric project envelopes

December 31, 2011

In the hopes and dreams of being uber-organized in 2012 I made these very simple fabric envelopes to hold my sewing projects.

I started with these 15 inches by 23 inches pieces of fabric that got from eBay and didn’t really have a project for… until now.

I also had some clear vinyl from a project that never happened… that came in very handy.

I just folded the fabric and cut a clear vinyl pocket and I got this…

The pattern goes in the clear front pocket and the materials and notions go in the fabric pouch.

I’m thinking about adding buttons and button holes but I can do that later if I want.

For now I’m just making small, medium and large envelopes so I can keep my projects together.  Hooray for organization.

Happy New Year to everyone!

And finally a little house keeping.  In 2012 I want to focus on completing more projects and to encourage that I am going to post once a week.

So I hope you have a fantastic week and I’ll be back next Saturday.


I’m watching a French film that hasn’t captured my interest at all but does have a lot of sword play which is interesting and sounds very cool.

While in Vancouver I wandered by the most amazing of schools… The Academie Duello Centre for Swordplay.

But the more I think about it, the more I think that I like knives enough as it is.  I do NOT need to add swordplay to the mix.  One of two things would happen… I would get bored with it before achieving any level of proficiency or I would get WAY too into it and that’s just too scary a thought to deal with.

I’ll leave the weaponry to Winnie and continue to think about my strange new desire to run when not actually being chased.

I don’t think I’m ready to give in to that impulse just yet.


I remember buying a bunch of little rolls of packing tape with dispensers.  I picked them up on sale and I stashed them… somewhere.

I have no clue where.  They aren’t in any of the places that make any sense to me.  Which is not to say that they are completely missing.  And there is the small possibility that I did, indeed, use all the tape.  I mean, I’m not exactly sure when I made the purchase.  It could have been a while ago.  But I don’t think so.

Today I had to get more tape.  I put the extra tape in the first place I looked for the tape I thought I had.

That’s a good idea right?

I’ll still think that was the right place to look for it when I need it again… right?

I’m so confused.


Do you have a schedule?

August 2, 2011

Patti and I were talking about game plans for cleaning house.

She waits until she has a few hours worth of work to do and then tackles it all at once.

I will do little steps every night so I don’t have to spend hours at a time doing it on the weekends.

This is not to say that I don’t let the vacuuming go longer than I should, because I do.  It’s so sad.  Vacuuming is so easy and yet really I just don’t do it.  It takes 15 minutes but I just keep putting it off.  I would love for someone to explain my aversion to vacuuming because really I don’t get it.

That being said – I do do those little clean up tasks on a regular basis.  Maybe if I used an actual task list with boxes to check off the completed tasks I would get to the vacuuming more often.

It’s an idea.


I opened up my vacuum cleaner today to clean it up and see if I could make it work better.

It just wanted some cleaning and a little TLC.

I’ve been thinking about getting a new vacuum cleaner for a while but while I had mine opened up on the floor I realized that I don’t need a new one I need to take better care of mine.  It would cost between $20 and $50 to have mine serviced while I’m looking at vacuum cleaners that cost about $500.

That’s insane.

I don’t want to be insane.

I’m going to take my vacuum cleaner in and have it professionally cleaned and serviced in the next few months.

I am NOT going to buy a new vacuum cleaner.