June 30, 2010

I had french fries with my lunch today.  I haven’t had french fries in a while and I thought… why not.

And they were good.  I ate a lot of them.

But they weren’t great and they SURE weren’t what I remembered.

I think my taste-buds are getting into this quasi healthy food I’ve been eating.  Which is not to say that I didn’t enjoy that bread and butter from last night wasn’t the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted or that I wasn’t tempted to take a second donut at Bernie’s stand up meeting but still.

Treats are for special occasions and like Cynthia said the ride to better health is more like a roller-coaster than anything else.

Tomorrow I’m going to eat an apple… and maybe get a salad.

and now some sleep



While visiting Dad I embraced my fear of scurvy and malaria.  I did this by imbibing in copious gin and tonics with a few extra squeezes of fresh lime.

When I returned home I carved out freezer space for an ice cube tray… something I haven’t done in a couple of decades to continue my treatments.

Now that I have ice cubes … and perfect ice cubes at that… I am using them more and more.

Fresh brewed tea that isn’t yet iced – well it is now.

Warm morning?  Iced coffee is the answer.

And now… another dose of scurvy repellent.


Let’s Colour Project

June 28, 2010

One of my blogs pointed me towards the “Let’s Colour Project” which is a worldwide initiative from Dulux, Dulux Valentine, Coral and Marshall to transform grey spaces with colourful paint.

There is something so magical about this idea… and then to see it put into motion… it’s just inspiring.

Part of me wonders how long it will be before the graffiti starts to creep in but another larger part of me thinks that for as long as it lasts these colorful walls will inspire people and bring joy.

There is nothing cooler than that.



June 26, 2010

I was talking to Clara about how I needed to do something about my ghost white legs since I felt awkward wearing my new short shorts with arms one color and legs another.

Clara runs Sunless.com so I thought she would have my answer.

Instead of telling me what to buy, she handed me a tube of goo and told me “there’s enough in their for your legs, tell me if you like it.”

Short answer… yes, I like it.

Long answer – at first I thought it as too light until I realized that my legs actually match my arms now so it must be just right.  And I could really do without the Cullen’s sparkle that the lotion has… but it goes away so I can deal with it.

But my joy of finding this product is hampered by Clara’s comment that the sunless tanning industry works in waves and that this product will probably be pulled from the shelves soon and may or may not be coming back.  Or it might come back but not for a few years.

This sucks but in the mean time I can wear my shorts without feeling awkward.

Thanks Clara!


saga of jury duty

June 25, 2010

So I was due to serve jury duty in March … the week of spring break… so I called to postpone.

The automatic system told me to pick a date through the touch tone phone.  I picked the earliest one… for next week.

Only I never got the letter telling me when and where to go for my new stint of jury duty.  So today I called and after fighting with the touch tone phone system I finally talked to a person.  Turns out 3 months is not long enough for them to get the letters out… which is kind of dumb since they said I could pick any date 3 months out or longer.

But it doesn’t matter since my group from March was never pulled up anyway…. So I’m clear for a full year.

Part of me is totally bummed out because I was ready to serve but there’s another part of me that is relieved that I don’t need to figure out how to get to some far away / obscure / unavailable by public transit court-house.

Oh well… there’s always next year.


Whatever shall I do?

June 24, 2010

I have tomorrow off.

My boss told me I had to take tomorrow off since we are kind of trapped out of the office due to carpet installation.

Friday off.

After working 10 hours days for over a month… I don’t know if I can handle a three day weekend.

Whatever shall I do?

Maybe I’ll sew something, maybe I’ll just sleep, maybe I’ll watch a movie, who knows.

This is probably a good thing.  I think.

But really – I’m not sure how I feel about a whole work day off.

And how sad is that?

But don’t worry – I’m sure I’ll survive… somehow.


saved by cardio?

June 23, 2010

Works been more than crazy and I’m truly starting to go more mad than usual.  I can’t prioritize or make strong decisions like I used to… and those were my best skills.

But the insanity is winding down and I think I will make it through mostly intact.

And I think I can honestly say that without exercise I never would have made it.

Cardio may have saved me…

No matter how late I get home I still take the time to do at least 30 minutes of cardio and it helps me sleep as well as keeping me from stressing out and going postal.

Let’s hear it for cardiovascular fitness!