The lure of the watch

November 30, 2011

After a decade of not wearing a watch, I started looking at watches again with an eye to buying one.

What on Earth am I thinking?

I stopped wearing a watch on purpose.  I needed to break my insane need to know what time it was every single second of the day.

What has suddenly changed in my life that I’m willing to open myself up to this obsessive wrist checking again?

Honestly, I don’t know.  I’m not really sure I want to inflict that on myself again.  Because there is the chance that I will become that time obsessed person again.

Or maybe I’m older and wiser now and time can be a companion and not an enemy to be constantly fighting.

The watch I picked out over the weekend is no longer available.  And I’m going to take that as a sign that it’s not time.  But that’s not to say the time is not coming.

I’m sure some day soon I will buy a watch.  And wear it.  But hopefully not rely on it to the point that if I do not putting it on one day I will return home to get it.  Because I do not want to go back to being that person.

That’s not to say that I wouldn’t like to know what time it is without scrambling for my cell phone all the time.

There has to be middle ground, right?



The thing about short hair

November 29, 2011

I will admit that I love having short hair.  And I never thought I would say that.  Ever.

But there is something about short hair that is a bit unnerving.

Every single week my hair does new and strange things.

Last week is was in a weird, poofy stage.  This week it has started to do a very 1970’s flip thing.

My part seems to be migrating every single day with exponential jumps from time to time.

Long hair is consistent.  Short hair is not.  Short hair is fluid and flexible and in my case, possibly alien.

That’s my latest theory.  That my hair is an alien creature.  I’m hoping that it will use it’s powers for good and not evil.

But there is always the chance that it will kill me in my sleep.

I’m scared of the moment that I decide the right decision is to start loading up with product.

Adding chemicals to an alien creature?  That could lead to mutations.  That’s can be good.

Two more months before my next haircut.  I can tell that things are going to get more and more interesting.  The question is, will I survive it?


The end of the year is coming.  And with it the expiration or seeming expiration of various software that I use.

Updating the computer security software is an absolute necessity.  Latest version always, always, always.  Luckily I caught mine on a good sale day.  So that’s taken care of with minimum fuss.

But the one that’s been bugging me is the money management software.  That stuff isn’t cheap.  And I don’t even use all the features so I don’t really want to upgrade but I also don’t want to lose the functions that I use now.  Given the constant pop up messages I get when I open the software it seems like I have to upgrade.

Sale?  What sale?  That stuff starts expensive and stays expensive.  And yes I know I could use a free system for the basics but in reality I LIKE mine.  It’s handy.  I like the reporting functionality.  Reports are vital to strong metrics.  Yes I am that much of a geek.

Today I decided I wanted to find out what happens if I don’t upgrade.  If I just keep last year’s software.  And you know what?  Nothing.  For 2 more years I’m safe.  Three years after release THEN the software stops being supported and loses a lot of functionality.

Hooray!  I don’t have to buy the software for 2 more years!

I love learning things like that, don’t you?


things to do with fleece

November 26, 2011

I find it a little funny that I’m trying to replace the plastic storage containers in my kitchen for glass (My Ace Hardware carries not just Ball but also Le Parfait and Quattro Stagioni.)

and at the same time I’m coming up with more and more things to make from polar fleece… a material that is sometimes made from plastics.

Maybe Charles Webb, Calder Willingham and Buck Henry were right… the future really is plastics.

Although I get more and more freaked out about them touching my food.  Which is kind of insane given some of the garbage I eat.  (I really should not have had that greasy fried rice tonight.)

But this afternoon I found a free polar fleece boot sock pattern.

I’ve got some odds and ends of fleece from when I was making random shrugs that just sit around.  And now I’m going to cut them up and make SOCKS!

Because it’s winter and my feet are cold.

Plastic… it’s become the fabric of everyday life!


My Andronicos is closing

November 25, 2011

Today I found out from Google News that Andronico’s was closing its Telegraph location.  Which sucks since it’s right around the corner from my house.  I used to go there to grab whatever I had forgotten when I was in the middle of cooking or baking something.

photo by Tracey Taylor

But when I started telling people about the closure everyone said the same thing.  “I’m not surprised.”

Well, that’s a statement if ever I heard one.

I didn’t shop there that often because of the other options just a bit father away but I like having the chance to shop there.  And now that is being taken away.

Nick thinks they should open a beer garden in the empty lot and I must say I’m intrigued by the idea.

Here’s hoping someone decides to open a beer garden.

Or something.

Because empty is not so good.


I went to Hannah’s for Thanksgiving this year.  I knew one person there… Hannah.  But I had the best time.  Hannah has the coolest friends.  They had interesting stories.  There was never a lull in the conversation.  There were pop cultural sub-references and so much wine.

The food was great.  Everyone pitched in.  Everyone had fun.  Everyone had WAY too much food and just enough wine.

We learned the origin of Wassail… because Hannah is a food anthropologist.

It’s kind of seal of approval on a friendship when someone you are friends with has fantastic friends.

They don’t need to become your friends.  It just speaks well for everyone’s taste levels.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


I know, it’s crazy.  I have a Facebook account that I never use and I blog almost every day.  But I am not going to give you a bunch of identifiers over the phone for your survey.

I get why they ask.  I understand the need for those identifiers for survey results to be useful, for the statistics to really show a complete picture.  But I don’t know the company / companies involved.  I don’t know how good your computer security is or if you are in fact just collecting information so you can steal my identity.

Yes, I’m paranoid.  I’m not understanding why that’s a problem.

It’s only gotten worse with HIPAA and FERPA.  Now I can actually detail out in my head the list of things that can be used to identify someone.

And I know my information is already out there.  I totally get that.  But that doesn’t mean I need to be adding fuel to the fire.

Yeah – rant over… for now.